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“Frannie is a person who lives a life of loving kindness, caring and giving. She is a loving child of a loving God here to do good.” - Harvey Diamond, Author of Fit For Life


“I am grateful to Frannie for helping me grow as a human being and as a physician. Her guidance has solidified my capacity to lend myself, my heart, at a level in keeping with my scholarship.” - Robert J. Mignone, M.D., Educated at Duke (M.D.),  Yale (Internal Medicine), Cornell (Neurology), and Harvard (Psychiatry)


“Part of the genius of her work is that she showed me how to accept and take care of myself in my difficult feelings. She showed me how to integrate their strength into a greater sense of wholeness, so I could move into a deeper sense of loving authenticity--with myself and others. I have been using what she taught me and it is SO EFFECTIVE!!! As an addictions counselor myself, I have taught this process to my clients. We all agree that it is LIFE CHANGING. I totally recommend Frannie’s healing therapy with heart-felt gratitude!!!”  - Marion Larsen (CAP-Credentialed Addictions Professional)


"I never knew life could be so GOOD! After a lifetime of searching every modality for answers to heal my abusive childhood, I was awe struck by Frannie’s gifts that helped me connect with me-to-me., to my soul. For the first time in nearly 64 yrs. I feel peace that allows me to sleep like a baby and lose weight without effort. I feel the courage in lieu of fear as my snake phobia just vanished! Best of all, I now know I can give and receive love, unconditional love. The work I did with Frannie and her gifts changed my life in no less than miraculous ways. I will be eternally grateful to her, and to the Divine that led me to her." -Sheryl, Florida

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