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From Modeling Clothes To Modeling Self

A Journey of Remembering the Simple Truths of Love

From the Book Introduction:

I came to Florida in 1989 to heal my body. I was suffering from chemical sensitivities so severe that I could no longer function and we hoped the cleaner environment would help. This was the beginning of an inner journey for me. The healing of my body was my focus and it completely changed my life.


My illness brought me deeper into the dark places of my shadow self to my fear that I was not worthy of the love and vast energy that is always around and within me. My sick body was simply the method God used to bring me face to face with the parts of me that were afraid to be all that I am.


My path is my own and the journey to God is the journey to self. Every day I learn how to better accept my emotional body and not to react from that unconscious place of fear. I now know that my body is healed when my mind is healed. All that we have the courage to face within our self will help bring us to the truth that we are searching for.


We do not need broken relationships to wake us up to our truth. Yet this is all part of the way life works in the physical world. It is all to be experienced and embraced for our own learning and remembering.


Spirit, God, Angels, Jesus, the wind, my child, my friend, my sister, my brother, my ancestors, the trees, the silence and all

creation; all speak within my heart words of inspiration; all I have to do is bring my attention to my body, to my heart. The words are all so simple. These words, these feelings, these thoughts are in you as well, as you find yourself. The silence is longing to be touched by you. And in this space within, the light of love shines for all as you model the truth of self.


I invite you to read my love story. It is a story of the uncovering of the false self to find out that I am the love I have been searching for. The love of self is the greatest challenge and it takes deep commitment to know who we are not and in so doing discover who we truly are.


Book Forward By Paul Ferrini: Author of Love Without Conditions

Frannie's transformation from top model to spiritual intuitive didn't happen overnight. She had to face a debilitating illness, the pain and dysfunction of which forced her to look within and face her doubts and demons. The old external reinforcement - both financial and emotional - that she was used to in her modeling career disappeared. Indeed, her environmental illness made it necessary for her to walk around with an oxygen mask just to go outside. She was unable to work or function as a mother or as a wife. In a nutshell, she went from superwoman to cave-dweller almost overnight.


Forced to live in the world of her consciousness, Frannie began to look at thoughts and feelings she had always glossed over in her active worldly life catching planes to photo-shoots. She had to confront her fears head on and learn to walk with them. In this respect, her journey was indeed heroic and serves as a lodestone for others. Yet this is the archetypal journey we all take from darkness to light, from fear to love. It is a journey that means we often forfeit outside approval in order to be true to ourselves. It is a journey that pushes us to take emotional risks we had never thought of taking before.


I know Frannie and I love her. Yes, she is a special person: radiant, loving, sincere. You would be happy to call her your friend, as I do. But she is not any more special than you are. Her journey from modeling clothes to modeling her essence is your journey and mine. All of us must drop our social masks and disguises if we want to touch the heart of truth.


It is a great journey that we take, not just once, but time and time again. We are all reaching for new masks and scaring each other silly until life shows us our foolishness and we have the courage to let the mask fall away.


In each moment, we are modeling something. Sometimes it is fear. Sometimes it is love. The question is not, "how can we get rid of our fear?" The question is, "how can we hold our fear with love?"


The answer to that question can be found in these pages. And when you find it, you will feel its echo in your heart.



Paul Ferrini, author of Love Without Conditions


Book Review by Screenwriter William Wells:

Frannie's book is a wonderfully intimate portrait of a woman who has come to share the simple, yet profound truths that we are all seeking on our voyage down here. With a brave and courageous pen, she invites the reader into places most authors would never dream of going. With a fresh perspective on the nature of reclaiming those lost parts of ourselves, she shows us how to transcend judgements about self and enter into a new paradigm of healing and self-love. This book is a gentle wake-up call to live life from the heart and to recapture the divine essence within. Using her personal stories like parables, the reader gets the sense that the author has walked the talk and so can we. A truly empowering read that surprises and warms the heart at every turn of the page. And nearly each one of those pages were dog-eared. Frannie Hoffman is not some distant and remote, spiritual guru. She is but a beautiful and humble spirit who only asks us to live life as though it mattered. And if you don't believe it does, you will after reading this book.


Online Review:

"...Frankly written and easy to read, this book is highly recommended."

Shirley Roe, Reviewer, Allbooks Reviews, www.allbooksreviews.com


What people are saying about “From Modeling Clothes to Modeling Self”:


"...As we all make our way through this journey called life, we are on occasion blessed by crossing paths with those whose integrity and desire to do good is exceeded only by their unconditional love and genuine caring. Just such a person is Frannie... I am certain that anyone fortunate enough to have the good pleasure of reading this divinely inspired book will, on every possible level-from the physical to the spiritual - be uplifted, empowered, enlivened and exhilarated." - Harvey Diamond, author of Fit for Life Not Fat for Life, Co-Author of Fit for Life & Fit for Life II


"In each moment, we are modeling something. Sometimes it is fear. Sometimes it is love. The question is not, How can we get rid of our fear?' The question is How can we hold our fear with love?' The answer to that question can be found in these pages. And when you find it you will feel its echo in your heart." - Paul Ferrini, author of over 28 inspirational books on forgiveness healing and self-improvement


"Frannie has been part of my life now for over twenty-five years. During that time I've had the great privilege of watching her grow into her experience of becoming an amazing instrument of God's love and truth. Her personal journey of healing, growth, miracles and transformation, told straight from her heart, will enlighten, teach, uplift and inspire you. The flow of energy in the very words themselves will go straight to your heart. Read this book-and if you allow it, Frannie's compelling story will open your heart to love and ultimately bring you closer to who you are as a divine being." - Janet Mathews, co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul


"Psychological insight may set the table, but the nurturance and joy come from a loving heart and soul. Even some physicians nowadays are realizing the true art of Medicine as that of being healers of the body, mind and spirit. Then there are the exceptionally gifted healers like Frannie Hoffman, who show us the power of spiritual energy as we bring our emotional selves back into oneness with our bodies. No mind-tripping here - not even meditation tripping. Rather, she guides our making of peace with ourselves as a sacred experience of loving faith. With her, healing is a resurrection of our true self, unbroken, freed from illusions, strong and able to be all we can be." - Robert J Mignone, M.D., teacher and clinician, educated at Duke (M.D.), Yale (International medicine), Cornell (Neurology), and Harvard (Psychiatry)


"I couldn't put the book down. I got such a great feeling of being connected, and this wonderful presence of love and tranquility. It's like knowing you're in the right place again. Through her stories and experiences, Frannie empowers you in a way that makes you feel better about yourself and knowing what it's really about. Great book!" - James H Martin, DC, DACBN, FAAIM, author of New Advances In Natural Health and Healing


"Frannie's deeply honest and courageous account of her personal journey will touch your heart. Her commitment to love and life light up every page. From Modeling Clothes to Modeling Self: A Journey of Remembering the Simple Truths of Love encourages each of us to connect to our own source of inner wisdom and divine love." - Cindy Stone, author of The Incidental Guru

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A Journey of Remembering the Simple Truths of Love

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