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About Frannie


Frannie Hoffman is a spiritual intuitive, writer, and artist, and an extraordinary facilitator. Through her meditation circles, writing, and compelling lectures and seminars, she motivates and empowers people all over the USA and Canada by her personal and honest expression of life and Divine Spirit. She has devoted her life to helping others tap into their own spiritual power, to take responsibility, to create and inspire personal empowerment, and to experience themselves as Divine beings.


Born a triplet, Frannie graduated from the University of Waterloo in Ontario Canada, with a Fine Arts Degree. At age seventeen she began her modeling career and soon became an international top fashion model based out of Toronto, Canada. She followed this career for fifteen years before the devastation of environmental illness forced her to give it up. With her very life at stake, Frannie chose to allow this shift to direct her attention inward, and so discovered the true purpose of her life, and her mission in this world.


Frannie has raised two children, Luke and Lane, and now resides on Anna Maria Island in Florida.


Frannie is available for personal counseling, group counseling and facilitating, work shops and other public speaking activities and phone consultations.



“You are only responsible in waking up yourself and then, and only then, by living it can you inspire  others to take the hand of their own spirit.”


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